The Death Penalty And Its History Essay

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The use of the death penalty has been a long discussed debate in the criminal justice system. First going into this discussion one must discuss the definition of the death penalty and its history. The death penalty for crimes has been a tool used throughout history. The first ever recorded execution of a criminal in America occurred in the year 1612 when a Spanish spy was caught. Each colony had its own laws for the states justification of taking a life. Fast forward to the 1930s on the edge of the great depression and resurgence in the publishing works of criminologists who suggested that the death penalty had a key role in society there was a surge in death penalty cases. During this decade there was an average of 167 people put to death each year. Fast forward a bit more to 1976 the battle for the death penalty lit up again and this case eliminated its use because it went against the eight amendments because of cruel and unusual punishment. Shortly thereafter in 1976 Gregg v. Georgia reversed that decision, however, many states to this day still have abolished the death penalty.
There are many cons on this subject. First and foremost is in the realm of the argument that executing prisoners is cheaper. According to a report on “The Budgetary Repercussions of Capital Convictions” between 1982-1997 the cost of a death penalty case cost an extra $1.6 billion dollars. To move this figure into the realm of something easier to comprehend in Texas which has one of the highest…

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