Death Penalty Pros And Cons Essay

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The death penalty is looked at in many different ways here in the United States. You have people that see it as a very reliable source to when criminals have been charged with a capital crime and the only way to make them pay is the death penalty. Then there is the people that think the death penalty is the most unreliable source to go to when someone has committed a crime. They think that since “so” many innocent people have died from the death penalty that it needs to be abolished and have to find a new source to go to when somebody has committed a capital crime. The United States has been using the death penalty dated all the way back to the 1600’s. Lethal injection was first used in Texas in 1982. Texas has the highest number of people …show more content…
One of the perks of having the death penalty is getting the crooked people out of our society and in the ground where they belong. When the criminal is executed it gives the victim’s family a sense of relief because they now know the man that killed their family member is now dead and can’t harm anybody else in their society. Another pro about the death penalty is that it will give the federal prison more space to put more criminals in jail. With more space means more room to put the bad guys up for good. Proponents say despite expenses incurred by the government from imposing capital punishment, death penalty is still cheaper compared to the costs of life without parole. Although there is no contention that the cost of the former is high, life imprisonment is accumulatively higher given the expenses for food, health care and other costs of sustaining the lives of incarcerated individuals serving life. Advocates of death penalty cite examples on how imposing the death sentence or abolishing it have affected crime rate. According to a study conducted in the late 1960’s, there was a 7% crime rate increase on the years when this law was abolished. On the other hand, fewer crimes were committed with the increase in number of inmates in the death row who were executed each year. Proponents say that these figures clearly indicate the efficacy of capital punishment on deterring

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