Pros And Cons Of The Death Penalty

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Pierce & Radelet from Louisiana’s Law Review in 2011 said in “Louisiana you’re 97% more likely to receive the death penalty for killing a white man than killing a black man.” There's also the question of in since some states use the death penalty and some don’t then is it better for a murderer to kill in say Michigan rather than California? A report done by the National Research Council says “studies claiming that the death penalty has a deterrent effect on murder rates are ‘fundamentally flawed’ and should not be used when making policy decisions.” Also The Huffington Post says the death penalty is as random as “being struck by lightning”, the penalty has influence of race, geography and even money. Even though some crimes can’t be atoned …show more content…
This is a flawed system, look at lawyers and how they play into the courtroom and their impact. A person who has an adequate amount of money will have a significantly higher chance of getting off clean; rather than a person with little to no money and is given a court appointed defendant. Is that moral? Would you want to be represented in such a way if you were in their shoes? Coming from the NAACP Out of 2,943 people on death row in 2015 only 28 went to trial and had been executed; some sit for 5-7 years other’s for 20-30 years. How long after losing a loved one do you hold on? The simple answer is Forever, you never stop grieving and remembering who you lost. So going to trial every time seeing the person who hurt you the most just rips that would open and pours salt in every time that hearing is extended to the following …show more content…
Beckett of the University of Washington says “ Jurors in Washington State are three times more likely to sentence a black defendant than a white defendant on a similar case.” That's in the northeast and if you move south the tables flip, where as I stated from Louisiana’s Law Review in 2011 said in “Louisiana you’re 97% more likely to receive the death penalty for killing a white man than killing a black man.” A comprehensive study done by (Prof. Jack Boger and Dr. Isaac Unah, University of North Carolina, 2001). On the death penalty in North Carolina found that the odds of receiving a death sentence rose by 3.5 times among those defendants whose victims were white. Why is race and geography such a factor in something’s that suppose to be “Justice?” So, you could say that by remaining to keep the death penalty illegal in some states, does that make other states look barbaric in comparison? So let’s look at the biggest question. Does the death penalty work? The average crime rate in states that condone capital punishment is 4.4%. While states without sat at 3.4% crime rate a 1% percent difference, now it may not seem like a lot but these are fluctuating numbers. So this show’s you people are not deterred by the idea of being executed when committing a

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