The Death Of Physician Assisted Suicide Essay

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Bedridden and in the hospital because of his advanced, incurable lung cancer,
Ralph, age 57 wants to discuss his options with his family. After much disagreement,
Ralph comes to the conclusion that he is ready to end his despair and stop his suffering.
Ralph, like thousands of other terminally ill patients, should have the option to choose death with the use of physician assisted suicide because the patient should be entitled to choose what happens to them, they should be relieved from suffering if that is what they wish, and because more than likely their chances of survival are slim.
suicide is legal in four U.S states: Oregon, Washington,
Montana, and Vermont. Physicians choose their profession to heal their fellow human beings and alleviate sufferings; they take the Hippocratic Oath vowing to do just that. So it is likely, helping someone end his or her life is conflicting and at odds with what they believe. For example, if a patient is on a ventilator for several weeks following complications from a routine surgery, and the family requests the doctor to remove him or her from life support, the debate then begins. Providing the patient is not brain dead, the doctor may be reluctant to pull the plug; he may ask the family to postpone any decisions to see if the patient will recover. But on the other hand if a patient is terminally ill and knows that all that is ahead of him or she is pain and suffering they should be able to choose physicianassisted…

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