Argumentative Essay On Assisted Suicide

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The controversy of assisted suicide has taken a huge effect on our society; that has not always been legal in the United States until now with six states allowing it. Assisted suicide should be legalized in the United States because it offers terminally ill patients the right to end their life of treatments and allows them death with dignity, financial motivation under healthcare to kill themselves is a cheaper alternative to medical treatment, and alleviate the pain with families pain and suffering.
To begin with, for terminally ill patients who suffer from terminal illnesses have succeeded in extending people’s lives by medical science since the 1960s, The Hippocratic Oath refers to “do not harm” was introduced in 1973. Research studies
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Many people say it is not morally right blah blah 2006 It is true that others may argue that a patient should not have the right to end their life. For some reason, it is considered an act against religion. The opposing forces feel that only God should have the right to take away lives. According to Appointment with Doctor Death, Betzold claims, that those feel violated that it’s the sanctity of life that will hinder their religious beliefs. According to these critcs “Life is a gift bestowed by God and therefore cannot be taken by anyone but God” (). People will burn in hell if they committed suicide. Christians find it offensive disregarding physician-assisted suicide in explanation, Allen Verhey, a professor of religion at Hope College in Holland, Michigan, writes "It is clear that God intends life and that God 's cause is life, not death." () Similarly, the Michigan Catholic Conference states, "Assisted suicide is a perversion of genuine mercy.... Suicide in any form prevents us from fulfilling the plan God intended for us when we were given life." In an unusual divergence from traditional Christian thought on this issue, retired Episcopal bishop John Shelby Spong asks this question, "When medical science shifts from expanding the length and quality of life and begins simply to postpone the reality of death, why are we not capable of saying that the sacredness of life is no longer being served?" He continues to "my deepest desire is always to choose death with dignity over a life that has become either hopelessly painful and dysfunctional or empty and devoid of all meaning.() must meet the final act resulting the death. Although this is true, assisted suicide should still be a right

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