The Death Of My Father Essay examples

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The most important thing to ever happen to me is without a doubt the death of my father. That moment in time has, and will, continue to shape my life until the day I die. A lot of people assume I miss him. I don 't. (How horrible does that sound?) It 's not that I don 't like him because I do, I just find it hard to miss someone I never had. I don 't know him, I don 't know if he has a middle name, I don 't know what he liked to do in his spare time, and I don 't even know when his birthday was. The one thing I know about him was that he was depressed.

My father passed away when I was barely one. The cause? Accidental overdose. I 've never told anyone that before, because quite frankly, I was ashamed, ashamed that the reason I didn 't have a Dad was because he liked to pop pills; however I realize now that my dad dying of an overdose isn 't something to be embarrassed about I should embrace it, let it make me a stronger person, it should also help me from making the stupid mistakes he did.

One of the biggest lessons I took from the death of my Dad is too never do drugs and to never drink alcohol. I don’t see the appeal of putting they same poison into my body, that my dad did for a temporary high after all you 're just going to feel dreadful the next day, or in his case six feet underground. Being 15, it is very hard not to crumble to societies peer pressure to continue to abstain from alcohol and drugs, when in the 21st century, it’s sort of a rite of passage for any…

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