Mugsy's Argument Against Euthanasia

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While growing up, I have been curious about the topic of euthanasia. My curiosity began shortly after the death of my beloved poodle, Mugsy. On one summer day near my family’s garden, he was found lying motionless and unresponsive. Following the veterinarian’s close examination, he was diagnosed with an incurable heat stroke. With very few options left, the veterinarian asked my family the life or death question: “Should Mugsy be euthanized?” After much thought, we decided to pull the plugs, euthanizing him. Mugsy’s euthanasia served as the beginning of my motivation to research the topic.
Compared to the many possible causes of death, euthanasia may be considered to be the gentlest. Typically, when a person or animal
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The first contains the opinion of a doctor who opposes euthanasia (Opinion 2.21 – Euthanasia). The doctor stresses that euthanizing someone is equivalent to abandoning them. Even when a person’s condition seems impossible to fix, there is still hope. Thus, euthanizing them would discard all of the remaining hope. Also, since the medical professionals performing the operation are ending lives, they are forced to assume unique responsibility. This responsibility is one that is contradictory to what their job description entails, which is to restore and improve lives. In summation, the doctor understands the possibility to consider euthanizing someone, but suggests that euthanasia does more harm than good. Another opinion is the one of The National Spinal Cord Injury Association (NSCIA 's Position on Assisted Suicide). This medical corporation is one that commonly encounters severe spinal injuries, with some severe enough to consider euthanasia. Similar to the opinion in the previous paragraph, the company disagrees with the idea of euthanizing someone. Saddened to hear news of recent assisted suicides, they express their dislike of the decision to euthanize someone in an official company statement. Although the statement is primarily focused on occurrences that involve spinal injuries, their opinion on euthanasia is expressed clearly. They state that no matter how bad life may seem, it is …show more content…
Following some scouring, I found a short informational video (Euthanasia Should Be Legal) with the type of content I desired. The video begins with the words: “Suffering is not an option”, suggesting that people should not even have the opportunity to live and suffer. This point is somewhat odd because people in a state that warrants consideration of euthanasia are not always suffering. For example, a person in an irreversible coma is in a state of unconsciousness, feeling absolutely nothing from their body. Thus, the numbness associated with the condition of the person disproves the statement made in the beginning of the video. The video goes on to show why people would disagree with the idea of euthanization, pointing religion as the major influence. However, in the surveys from myself and the internet (See Appendix B), religion was not the major influence for euthanasia objection. Therefore, this video is minimally accurate and can only be used as a starting brace for my search for pro-euthanasia support. After continued research, I found another video with support for euthanasia. The video, titled: I Helped My Daughter Die, is documentary based on a mother’s decision to help her suffering daughter die. In support for euthanasia, the documentary stresses the importance of ending life when appropriate. Although the mother was forced to

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