Essay about The Death Of Michael Brown

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The recent deaths of Michael Brown, Freddie Gray, and Laquan McDonald by the hands of police officers have brought about many demonstration, riots and protest against police violence, racial profiling and the injustice of police officers not being charged for their actions, except in the case of Laquan McDonald. In the case Michael Brown it would have been known whether his death was truly a justifiable act or if he unlawfully killed an innocent boy. If Officer Darren Wilson was wearing a body camera we would have known the truth of what really happen that day. All of the protest, arrest, and destruction that came from the death of Michael Brown could have been avoided if police body cameras were implemented at that time. A similar scenario in Baltimore unfolded when Freddie Gray died while in police custody, protest and devastation followed. If those officers had body cameras and we knew how Freddie Gray died there is a possibility that the riots would have never happened. The effects have been shown in Chicago of how police body cameras have helped just prevail when it was shown that Laquan McDonald was killed unlawfully by a police officer. One of the many debates and solutions that came from these protest and talks was the implementation of police body cameras. Shortly after the death of Michael Brown the Department of Justice started a $20 million police body worn camera pilot program. The program will use $17 million to purchase body cameras. The pilot program is part…

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