Essay The Death Of A Tattoo Artist

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Sitting anxiously, alone, in the car trying to come up with the bravery to go in the house and walk up the few stairs that serve as a divider between him and his parents. He knew his parents were going to be mad and disappointed but he wanted to get it, he wanted to get a tattoo. Despite his parents being against it he still got it and now he was to face the punishment. A few weeks back Diego had been glued to his phone and computer searching and searching. Looking for inspirations, meanings, tattoo parlors, tattoo artist, everything one can possibly think of that can be related to tattoos he was searching for. One day, Diego called his older sister, telling her about his plans and the research he had done. Knowing her parents she was sure he wasn 't going to go through with it, so she laughed it off and went along with it. Their parents were the strict kind, the kinda that offer a warm, inviting home, always there to help with their problems and never asking them to pay for anything, however, the rules were the rules and it didn 't matter how old the kids were they had to abide by them. They didn 't have the freedom to make their own choices without checking with mom and dad first and approved by them. Both Diego and Gaby hated that, at the prime age of 19 and 22 they hated being restricted and monitored by their parents with every move they make. One of the rules was no tattoos. During the call Diego explained to his sister that he had chosen two arrows as a design to…

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