Essay The Day Of The Cops

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The day the cops were called my family was coming home from our week long vacation in Niagara Falls. Canada. One always dreads coming home from a vacation, for it meant going back to school or back to work; but never does one dread coming back because of family. My eyes witnessed the lengths my mom would go to ruin my grandparents lives. It sounds a bit over exaggerated but it 's not, that day coming home from Canada, I witnessed my mom’s attempt to get my grandparents arrested. My mother has had a strained and callous relationship with her parents, my grandparents, since I was five years old. My mother years ago had given her children up to her parents, yet close to the day of the incident she had begun to care again. Looking back now it is clear that she was manipulative and demeaning, and was inept to be a parent. The ten hour car drive home from Canada was scenic yet insignificant. There was just a long stretch of tattered pavement, guided by vivacious woodlands. The closer to home we got the more silent the car had become. As the car reached my neighborhood my grandpa had spotted something near the end of the court right by our house. As it turns out it was my mother and her “man”, but that was not the most peculiar thing, because right next to her was a cop car. At first my grandparents wanted to avoid the whole situation and hoped that if we drove around long enough they would be gone. After a couple times around the block and a drive through run at McDonald…

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