The Day Of School - Original Writing Essay

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When the party ended, people started to leave, and I waited with a group of friends for our rides to come, each of them asking me if I wanted a lift. I pleasantly declined their offer and said good-bye. Then I looked to the left and to the right, only to notice I was the last one at the school. I then laid on the grass and started to look at the partially clouded sky. This got me thinking that nothing ever stays the same and change would inevitably happen. It was relaxing and after a while, my eyes started to get heavy, and I nodded off. When I came to I was in my brother 's car. He told me that I gave him the wrong time and when he came to pick me up I was sleeping. When we finish talking, I nodded off again.
The last day of school was pleasant and relaxing and I suited up for the ceremony at the beginning of the school day. The class lined up, and we waited for our name to be called. I would not have to wait that long since my last name made me the third in line. I got my reward and sat down. Then when I look at my reward and saw the others awards. I realized I would be moving on to middle school. This got me thinking of how school was going to be after this and would it still be relaxing and fun or would it be stressful? After seeing all my friends from Mariana to Francisco, this did not matter anymore, I started to relax and hang out with them until the bell rang.
I thank my family for coming to see my graduation. Then headed off to play with my friends. We went to the…

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