Essay about The Day Of High School

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The sound of my alarm awakened me from a deep coma. Today was the first day of not just any day but the first day of high school. All I could think about was the empowering, negative stories about high school being so repulsive with all the strict teachers, the really difficult tests, and being at the bottom of the food chain once again.
“I pray to God that these stories are irrelevant to high school, I implored.”
The car ride to Grayson High School was longer than I intended. When I got out of the car, I had no idea where to proceed. I was accustomed to returning to Bay Creek Middle School and uniting with all my friends after a delightful summer.
“Surely, I believe that I will see at least one of my friends from middle school, I cried out.”
The freshman academy was near my homeroom on the good hand. Every step I took, my heart thumped a second faster.
As I approached the high school, I saw multiple doors but was not for sure on which one to open. I just chose the one that less people were using. The door creeped inch by inch and I could not believe my eyes. A roar of sounds came crashing upon me as thousands of students talked and giggled as of if it wasn’t there first day of high school. “I’m thinking to myself who let the zoo out?” I trudged around the hallways for about fifteen minutes until I finally discovered my locker. When I got to my locker, I did not know how to open it. Subsequently, five exhausting minutes, I decided to ask someone. A group of guys were coming…

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