The Day Of Being Alive Essay

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Life, comprised of both matter and energy, is a precious gift given to all of us. To show appreciation for life, we should all take part in the gamut of celebrations that encompasses us during our time on earth. Every moment that we spend in happiness, sorrow, victory, or defeat, brings us closer to the end of this life. We, as humans, often do not take the time to realize the circle of life. We instead focus heavily on our next experience of pleasure and happiness, willing our lives to go on forever. Why do we not take time to understand the simple logic of nature – to be happy in every moment, and that very moment should be a celebration of being alive; because life is not only about a series of experiences, or milestones, or events, or happenings or accomplishments, it is also a series of moments. However, we all should also remember that eventually we all are born with a limited amount of time.
To be one with nature again - that’s the eventual goal of life.
The spiritual purpose of life is to grow out of the cycle of birth and death. One’s spiritual life (soul) is not tied to a mortal body. If one believes in life after death, they have fully accepted the knowledge that only the biological part of us dies - our body, not our soul. In death, the assortment of our energy that comprises us is just repurposed. We become the flowers for our children and the grass that feeds the animals, allowing them to grow and nurture the place that we once stood. We all are visitors…

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