The Day I Was The Biggest Surprise Of My Life Essay

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Wow! I was in for the biggest surprise of my life. It all started the day I found out I had an older sister. Her name was April L Bridges and she was the best gift a girl could ever ask for, the gift of a friend just like me. You see all my life I had lived alone with my mother and her partner. My brother was much older than me and was already out of the house for college by the time I was born. As for my little sisters well they weren’t really my little sisters just childhood friends that were so close they might as well have been family. I remember the day my Father called me out of the blue and said “I have news for you I have found your big sister, April and she has requested to meet you.” This was both exciting and scary at the same time. My Mom had never mentioned that I had an older sister. When I told her what Dad had said she said that she had known but had never mentioned it because as far as she knew Dad hadn’t seen April for over 30 years. Why tell me if I could never meet her? I guess she had a good point but I was kind of annoyed. All kinds of emotions coursed through my body, excitement, nervousness, anger, I was scared she wouldn’t like me or I wouldn’t like her.
The first time I talked to April it was really weird. In some ways it felt like I was talking to myself. We had a lot in common and that was kind of strange. Over the next month we spent hours talking about things she had gone through as a teen. It was eerie they were similar to things I was going…

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