The Day I Lost My Best Friend Essay

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The day I lost my best friend
Ever wonder what it’s like to lose a loved one? Ever lost a grandpa Anut, uncle, friend, and or a family member? Ever lost someone really close to you at the age of five? If not listen in because it can happen and here’s a true story of how it happened to me.
I was five just a normal five year old. My best friend also five his name is Josh, I meet him through cubbies and AWANA. He was a great friend an amazing friend. Our families would do a lot of things together. As a five year old I didn’t really understand what is was like to lose someone and I never thought I would lose someone like I did in this. The day before the accident josh and I were having some much fun at AWANA, it was the fun carnival night they would bring in giant blow ups and face painting popcorn and you got to play with the older kids. AWANA was fun with Josh I never thought it would end this way. The day I lost my best friend was a hard very hard day. It had started out normally it was a usual day, I went to school like always went home and got ready for dance I was so excited because that night I was going to hang out with Josh or so I thought. Dance was over with I went back to the dressing room to changed and as I walked out my life had changed, my mom was sitting there crying I was worried. I continued walking out of the dressing room, as I walked out I heard the older girls talk about this little boy who got hit by a car that was five and his name was Josh, as I felt…

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