The Daughter Of Ben Jordan Essay

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Adulthood Everyone person at some point in life is initiated into adulthood. Some circumstances make a child enter into adulthood a little sooner than others. Entering into adulthood is a new world; everything is viewed in a different manner. Life doesn’t seem like a big happy fantasy without any problems anymore. I guess some could say that is when life is not joyful anymore. Regardless of the way adulthood is brought into someone’s life, it is something every person goes through. The daughter of Ben Jordan in the short story, Walker Brothers Cowboy, exemplifies the perspective of an eight year old that was already taken on adulthood. From her views of life, to thoughts about her father, it is very clear that the narrator does not have the thought process to match the usual eight year old. The short story, Walker Brothers Cowboy, is given from the view point of child that does not see the world as an eight year anymore. Her family went through some financial issues due to the Great Depression, so she starts to realize more to life than good food and blowing bubbles. Her mother is not at her best because of the family’s current situation, and her father is a salesman who lost his farm. The narrator has a little brother who still has the view point of a child. The audience can see that the narrator is not the usual eight year old because of the way she observes and thinks about certain settings throughout the story. It is clear that the young narrator was initiated…

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