Essay on The Dark Matter Of The Ballet Cluster

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Nila: Did you know What dark matter means? Nobody knows for sure, but it’s definitely there. Or maybe it’s not there.

Lee: In order to understand dark matter, we just need some redefinition of gravity at vast scales.

Carlos: I got the feeling that dark matter is more than, what we can imaging. I think dark matter is the dark sky and there is a lot of little light in the sky like a chrisms light.

Lee: No, I don’t think so. I think is more than dark sky because they were a recent observation of dark matter. Also, we couldn’t see the dark matter directly, but we could directly see the effects it had on background light. Light has been yanked around the Universe by gravity just like mass is. Furthermore, The Ballet cluster, which is a merger of two different galaxy clusters, bent the light of background objects in such a way that we were able to trace out the distribution of mass and see directly that there was more mass there than we can see.

Carlos: I think that the terms ‘Dark Matter’ and ‘gravity’ mean the same thing. ”by the way, did you know if someone discover what Dark matter is, or have any Idea about it? • Nila: I disagree. I think a gravity is a force that holds the stars and the celestial object. Gravity holds stars, planets. So, Dark Matter has stars and planets in it, but a gravity holds stars and planets.

Lee: No, dark Matter and gravity is not the same thing. Back in 1933 an Astronomer by the name of Fritz Zwicky was studying the velocities of galaxies…

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