Essay on The Dangers Of Tobacco Companies

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Tobacco companies have been exploiting countries’ regulations for a long time and they are the only ones that are benefiting because they make sure to keep the dangers of smoking hidden. Phillips Morris International products are very popular in Uganda, where I grew up. When I was in Uganda, almost all my friends smoked and they were teenagers. Just like I did not know the consequences of smoking, my friends smoked for fun and they were extremely addicted. The only reason I wasn’t smoking was because I hate the smell of tobacco. In Indonesia, where 60% of males are smokers, Philip Morris International cigarettes are sold in front of schools. An article by Mary Cooper indicates, “In its recent push to regulate tobacco, the FDA also has identified teenagers as the group most vulnerable to nicotine addiction.” (Cooper) Teenagers in poor countries without education on the dangers of using cigarettes are blinded with the addiction of tobacco. They can get help if their governments regulate conditions on how cigarettes are sold but they don’t succeed. How is Phillip Morris International able to sell their products without being regulated?
People smoked cigarettes with no shame in the early to mid-1900s. On TV, news anchors would smoke on the evening news, and people could be seen smoking at businesses and on cartoons. It is impossible to see this type of behavior displayed in today’s society, because people have started to understand the dangers of cigarettes. Therefore, the…

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