Career Essay: Stress Management In Veterinary Medicine

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Stress Management in Veterinary Medicine
How exciting does is sound to be able to go to work every morning and get to work with puppies and kittens all day? To an animal lover, that sounds like the ideal dream job but as many students don’t think about is the rigorous, demanding, hard work that comes along with getting to work with animals for a living. As more students graduate high school and are starting college, some of those students might be interested in veterinary medicine in hopes to attend vet school to one day become a veterinarian. It is important that students understand the stress and potential dangers of the job before pursuing a degree in veterinary science. As an Animal Science/ Pre-Veterinary major, I myself will soon have to deal with situations that involve a vast amount of higher level thinking and knowledge to both handle problems physically and emotionally. The career of a veterinarian is a demanding, stressful job that can take a
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Although euthanasia is a necessary practice commonly done in vet clinics, it can endure a great amount of stress on an individual administering it. For a person who loves animals and wants to help save them, euthanizing an animal seems like the last thing an animal lover would ever want to have to do. Unfortunately, going into this profession it will have to be done. Depression and suicidal thoughts are common in veterinarians that have had to euthanize animals either to end suffering or by the owner’s convenience. Depression and high suicide rates are due to guilt felt by veterinarians who’s morals are to help save and protect animals, not kill them (Tran 124). Although euthanasia is a stressful practice to encounter, a way to help reduce stress brought on by euthanasia is to understand that when euthanasia is administered it’s to put an end to an animal’s suffering, not to purposely kill or harm the animal with bad

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