The Dangers Of Social Media Privacy

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Social media has changed the world in many capacities some being positive and negative. Through statistics gathered at least 73% of all adults use social media, most of them being young adults (Quinn, 1). Keeping this in mind, we will see the major cause and effects of social media among the affluence which is the youth of today. One can see that social media can affect their health as well their relationships cause of the many established online today. It has also brought forth the sharing of information which you think sharing would be good but, this may put someone into another perspective of in of receiving info online. The vast majorities of information are very difficult to decipher whether or not they are reliable. The effects of social …show more content…
In an article written by Kelly Quinn, he in complexity did research on privacy and social media. Studies have shown those who have more friends on social media tend to have less privacy over their accounts. Proving of this virtual reality everyone enjoys living in, that may seem harmless but really is not. He expounds on the dangers of social media and it giving out personal information. He writes specifically about how some social media websites may have privacy features that may give exactly where you are on a GPS (Quinn, 3). Although it may be great to share information such as but anyone could see the problem with it as well. There are many ways to set up privacy on your social media accounts, but there also are ways that social media has secretly use agreements to the things that enable them over again. Giving information such as your name, your address, and your number may seem innocent when giving to someone who may seem friendly online. On the other hand, if it may be that easy for someone to access that you should really consider those who may not be so friendly but actually be threatening getting a hold of that information. Young adults of this generation are convinced to believe that giving away information so freely is cool or hip when really it is not. It is actually scary and can put one’s life in danger. It is another thing that has changed within human relationships, freely giving away information to the World Wide Web. There is not privacy among us anymore everything is shared online with posts. Though it may be great to share these things, but

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