Social Media's Negative Effects On Mental Health

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It's only been minutes since you posted your selfie. Sitting there you wait for someone to comment, someone to like, something to happen. Minutes turn into hours as you wait just sitting on your phone staring at the screen. You feel your heart sink to the floor as you realize all the validation and all the attention you expected never came.
Social media allows us to always be in connection with our peers and to share information and express ourselves online to others. However, despite various positive effects, there are countless adverse effects social media can have on the individual. Social media is very prevalent in today's society and greatly impacts individuals negatively and should be used less.
Social Media causes large effects on the mental health of an individual. The risk
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(Twenge 84). There is a correlation between the amount of social media usage and the risk of committing suicide. Social media impacts people’s mental health and an overwhelming amount of screen time can have detrimental effects on the well-being of a person. Social media does not need to be eliminated. However, moderation and less screen time is necessary and will have positive effects on a person. Social media also has a significant impact on stress levels. Social media allows people to be

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