The Positive And Negative Implications Of Social Media

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The internet has become a vast and unexplored frontier in the last decade. Advancements have come about through its invention, and more possibilities are on the horizon. Among the new platform, social media has made the biggest impact. People argue about its positive and negative influences on people. Social media can be a very positive and useful tool. Sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have created an easier way for people to share, connect and learn. Sharing, it is what we teach people to do from a young age. In the age of social media, sharing has become different. In an article about healthcare the author writes “Internet support groups and blogs allow patients to share their disease struggles and achievements so that others with …show more content…
New ways to regulate how much is shared and who sees this information will come about with experience. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have helped people all around the world share, connect and learn. Material found on the internet has helped individuals facing diseases, doctors and scientists making discoveries, and everyday people. While there is much research to be done on the long-term effects of social media, many researchers emphasize the positive potential. People argue that prolonged internet activity can lead to medical conditions like social anxiety, and even cancers. The fact of the matter remains, if nobody were using the internet, there would be no way to study its results. In many ways, the current and rising generations are the internet “guinea pigs”. In years to come, specialist will know more of social media’s positive and negative effects based on data collected with today 's usage. For the time being, people are expected and urged to use social media responsibly but in recent news, the disastrous results of misuse can be seen. With a rise in domestic terrorism, investigations show how attacks have been planned using social media. The public worries young generations can be influenced and pressured by groups like the infamous ISIS, resulting in expansive damage. Studies have also shown that social media can have a negative effect on developing teens, it can lower self esteem and increase violent behaviors and tendencies like cyber bullying. This is because users lose sense of responsibility, they feel they are not traceable over the internet and behave recklessly in ways they normally would not. Research into the long term psychological effects of prolonged internet use could reveal new things about how the brain absorbs and translates information relayed via internet. While much is yet to be learned about the effects of social media, it is proving to be

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