Blood Pressure Research Paper


What Is Blood Pressure?
Blood pressure determines the force of the blood that pushes against the arteries walls. Blood pressure can be measured to determine if the force is just right or if it need attention. The first number measured is called the systolic, you often hear it referred to as the top number. This number measures the pressure in which your hearts pumps out the blood. The second number measured is called the diastolic blood pressure, you often hear it referred to as the bottom number. This number determines the pressure in which the heart is filling up with blood. The ideally, normal blood pressure is 120/80 that is having a systolic or top number less than
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However, some people will have a headache, nausea, vomiting, mental confusion, frequent urination, or shortness of breath during light activities and exercise. High blood pressure is a major health concern and should be treated right away to avoid further complications. If high blood pressure is not treated in a reasonable amount of time it could lead to a stroke, heart problems, eye problems, kidney failure, and many other health concerns.
Low Blood Pressure
Low blood pressure could be just as dangerous as high blood pressure if you experience, light-headedness, fainting, dizziness, or visual changes. Your blood pressure can drop below normal values if you take too much blood pressure lowering medications, if you lose a large amount of blood, or if you do not drink enough liquids to keep your body well hydrated.

Risk Factors We Can Not Change
High blood pressure could affect anyone, however, some people have a higher chance of developing it because of one or more of the following risk
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You can change your lifestyle to reduce your blood pressure and possibly the amount of medicine you take to control your blood pressure. Always take your medicine the way they are prescribed by the doctor. You should inform your doctor about any over-the-counter medicine or vitamins you are taking these may interfere with your blood pressure or the way your medicine works. The medicine should be taken at the same time every day, if you miss a dose do not double the amount because this could cause your blood pressure to drop too low. If you find yourself forgetting to take the medicine you can get a pillbox reminder or associate taking the medicine along with a task you perform everyday such as brushing your teeth. Have your medicine refilled before you run out and do not stop taking your blood pressure pills without talking to your doctor about it first. To avoid fainting, dizziness, and falls arise from a seated or lying position slowly and remain still, this will allow your blood pressure to stabilize before you begin

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