The Dangers Of Drinking Drunk Driving

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My topic is about why drunk driving is dangerous and very risky since the majority of deaths from traffic accidents are by people who drove under the effects of alcohol in my opinion people should not drive drunk because they can not only kill themselves they can cause many accidents including the death of many more people. if you are going to drink alcohol and you have to drive you have to be responsible and drink little because you can get many problems in the high way one quote that support that is "We still know that alcohol is a drug, and is the leading killer on the highway. One-third of deaths are due to drunk drivers”. This quote mean that the majority of traffic accidents are caused by people who are under the effect of alcohol. many

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    Drunk Driving Drunk driving is very dangerous because you are putting yourself and others in harm for consuming too much alcohol. So people need to help prevent people from drunk driving. So first thing anyone can do is make the choice not to drive while drunk. Secondly people who are going to drink they can get a designated driver to drive instead of the drunk. Also we can prevent drunk driving by putting ignition interlocks in their vehicles. Also you can take drunks keys away so they can not…

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    Just a few startling facts about drunk driving include every two minutes somebody is injured in a crash involving alcohol, there are 28 deaths a day due to driving drunk, and in 2013, one person died every 52 minutes in alcohol related accidents. While these facts are terrifying, when you take the fact that these stats are only regarding the United states, makes this even more startling. Even somebody slightly passed the legal limit is a danger to everybody on the road. A driver with a blood…

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    is consumed (“Drinking and Driving”). When a person consumes any amount of alcohol, it affects their motor skills and/or judgment. If one is caught drinking and driving they may have to take a field sobriety test and if they fail the officer will ask for their permission to perform a blood alcohol content (BAC) test. If this test is failed the person is charged and arrested accordingly (“The Dangers of Drinking and Driving”). Short-term effects of…

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