Essay On The Drinking Age

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Partying hard, car accidents, and expensive tickets – all of these have one thing in common: they are often associated with drunk driving. In most countries, even developed countries, people are able to drink at the age of eighteen. In some countries, about 61%, the drinking age is commonly eighteen or nineteen (Minimum Legal Drinking Age). In America, however, the national drinking age has recently been ruled as 21 (Griggs). The national drinking age should be overall lowered to eighteen because it will lessen the risk of accidents, discourage teenagers to rebel, and offer a better understanding of the effects of alcohol. How about facing the cold, hard facts: in America, every 120 seconds one person is harmed in an intoxicated driving collision …show more content…
This is because when teenagers are told ‘no,’ they feel that they should rebel against it and may gain some kind of thrill from the forbidden experience. This is because, as aforementioned, the prefrontal cortex does not fully develop until age 25. This area of the brain is responsible for, among other things, inhibition of risk-taking actions (Landau). The teenage brain isn’t wired for safety – it’s wired for thrill and fun. A university anthropologist, Dwight B. Heath, actually believed children should be introduced to alcohol at very monitored and safe portions and times. He says the age of eight or even six are acceptable because when you have been exposed to drinking at a tolerable rate, like a glass of wine at a dinner table, the thrill of drinking is lost. If lowering the drinking age to eighteen can in turn get rid of teenage thrilltakers drinking and driving, what possible con could outweigh that? Well, here’s one: the fact that younger kids would be able to get their hands on alcohol easier, because as teenage brains aren’t fully developed – they may be more likely to buy someone else alcohol who can’t do it themselves. But if this were ever the case, the teens can get in trouble with the law, just like they would if they were driving drunk; however, no one would have gotten seriously injured or

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