The Dangers And Consequences Of Happiness And Happiness

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Every single person loves being happy and feeling joy. A human’s goal is to do what they love and get excitement out of the things they do. Every person in this world is different and people find happiness in many different things. One person may be perfectly happy reading books all the time, but on the other hand, one person may find happiness in more thrilling things like skydiving or mountain biking. Many people find happiness in working hard to excel at a sport they love, while others are just as happy being lazy and playing video games. Whatever it is a person does to find joy and happiness, they will continue to do those things. Life is all about doing things that will put a smile on ones face and make them feel good. It is important …show more content…
Constant happiness sounds nice to everyone but there are many downfalls to being 100% happy all the time. In “Don’t Worry Be Gloomy,” David says, “When we’re overly cheerful, we tend to neglect important threats and dangers” (David 124). This is true because being super happy all the time causes us to think that everything is going to be ok and that nothing could possibly go wrong. People who are super happy only see the good in a situation, but they do not tend to think about all of the possible outcomes and things that could go wrong. For example, starting a new romantic relationship can cause a person to over indulge in the happy feelings associated with their love, which can later result in irresponsible thinking, such as skipping or forgetting to take birth control. Because of this irresponsible thinking, it could result in a mistake that one might later regret. Also overly happy teens or adults can do things that they think might be fun and cool, but if they would have analyzed it first they would have realized it was dangerous. But because of their happiness they thought nothing could go wrong or that they couldn’t get hurt. That is why Susan states, “It’s not too big a stretch to say that to suggest that being overly happy could kill you. You might engage in risky behaviors...” (David 124). People with more negative emotions think about and analyze a situation more and …show more content…
Many people believe that negative emotions are bad and that it kills creativity, but it is just the opposite. While people should still strive for happiness, it is also very important to embrace their gloominess and use their negative emotions as inspiration for innovative thinking.
Negative emotions are beneficial to people and feeling negative emotions is very important for a healthy life, but so is happiness. Although negative emotions are good for individuals, people do not need to be down all of the time. It is just as important to have a balance of happiness for a healthy life. Happiness leads to good things and it is something that every person every person wants to have. When one is happy, it can lighten up someone’s day or make people around them happy. Happiness causes individuals to be nice toward people and more outgoing. One of the biggest benefits of happiness is optimism. Optimism gives individuals hope and it lets people see the good in things. For example someone who is optimistic looks at the cup as “half full” instead of “half empty”. Being happy leads to a less stressful life and joyful individuals are less likely to be depressed. Martin E. P. Seligman and Tracy Steen did an experiment called the “good things in life exercise”. The purpose of the experiment was to increase positive emotion. It required individuals to record three

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