The Cyber Bullying And The Problem Of Cyberbullying

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Today cyberbullying is an ongoing issue that continues to rise every year. It has become something that is not taken seriously till a loved one commits suicide or gets hurt. Today, studies have shown that children starting in fifth grade are being cyberbullied. CITE With technology advancements and its availability it’s no surprise. Cyberbullying is not located in just one place. You can be bullied over text messaging, email, social media, and even video games on game systems or phones that have communication abilities. 52% of young people repot being cyber bullied. CITE
Children who are cyberbullied could end up committing suicide, lead to violence acts or hinder their health. They can suffer from depression, anxiety, unhappiness, loneliness
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She had tried transferring from school to school because of a nude picture of her had gotten released to social media. Not matter what school she went to that pictured followed her and so did her bullies. She ended up making a YouTube video explaining everything she went through and later took her own life. CITE. When someone encourages another person to take their life or continues to threaten or talk bad about another person serious action should be taken. Cyberbullying results in serious life changing implications and should be treated as a criminal …show more content…
Kids can do it over text messaging, Facebook, online video games, and other forms of social media. What can make it scarier is that sometimes if they just have one cyberbully, they might have no idea who that person is. It’s not uncommon for the cyberbully to be the victim’s friend or best friend. There are different ways you can go about cyberbullying as well. Flaming, is where the bully will send the victim mean and offensive messages through text or via email. Online harassment is to continuously send offensive messages. Cyberstalking will include threats to hurt the victim. Sending false or harmful things about a person and posting it for other people to see would be denigrations/put down. Masquerading is someone pretending to be someone else while posting hurtful information about another person. Sending or posting private information that they know would hurt someone is called outing. Lastly, purposely excluding someone form an online group is called excluding Baas, N., de Jong, M. T., & Drossaert, C. C. (2013). Cyberbullying can become dangerous because it follows where ever they go. Kids can’t go home to escape when they have a cell phone and computer at their side. What makes cyberbullying different from is with traditional bullying, they aren’t face to face with their bully. But, they’re bully is always able to be in constant contact with because most kids have access to a computer or have a cell phone.

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