The Current Education Situation Of China Essays

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The Current Education Situation in China The cooperative learning teaching model to the classroom teaching cultivate students’ sense of cooperation, teamwork, so that students can become from passive to active. The individual study, group exchanges, and class discussion, thereby it is promoting both cooperation and competition among team members, and it has also stimulated enthusiasm for learning, to enable students to improve together in a complementary promoting. Since the cooperative learning approach has such many principles and types. And it was proved as an effective educational approach in many countries. When is comes to Chinese classroom, does it match Chinese culture and forms of educational systems? Firstly, Let’s look at the Chinese current education situation. Broadly, the current education system in china could be divided into three categories: primary education, secondary education, and higher education. Primary education includes preschool education and elementary education. Preschool, or kindergarten, can last up to three year, with children entering as early as age three, until age six, when they typically enter elementary school. The elementary school year involves 6 years of schooling. Secondary education is divided into middle school and high school education. Regular secondary education consists of junior middle school and senior middle school. Junior middle school will involve three years of schooling, and senior middle school is, in the vast…

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