Essay The Culture Of The American Culture

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A person’s culture refers to those beliefs, morals, artistic nuances, customs, personal traits, behaviors, attitudes, folklore, manner of thinking and laws acquired by the individual over time from the societal environment where they reside. (Taylor, 1974) The culture I mainly identify with is the American culture. Various traits in my communication can expressly exemplify the American culture. Among these is assertiveness, which has been marked as one of the primary identifiers of American communication. This trait represents the will to put forward one’s right and support one’s ideologies and beliefs. Another is argumentative behavior, where Americans are observed to be willing to engage in constructive debate and criticism over various objects and subjects alike. (Guirdham, 2011) These types of communication characteristics are mainly sourced from the environment and society where one grows and lives. The culture of such surroundings plays a pivotal role in shaping the culture and by extension the communication behavior of an individual. For instance, developed most of my cultural and communicating traits from my society through daily communication with family friends and acquaintances, and from reading various material and observing the behaviors of other people around me.
Listening Skills and Effectiveness
I believe my listening skills to be average since I do listen and pay attention to the speaker. I do, however, find myself occasionally distracted by my thoughts…

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