Essay The Cultural Dynamic Of South African And United States

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Handling business under these circumstances requires a degree of effort, however, due to the similarities of the cultural dynamic in South African and United States, not all will be extremely difficult for Walmart. Despite political and economic differences, much of the South African culture resembles that of the United States with only minor disparities, allowing some translation of business practices to the nation. Using Hofstede’s value dimensions, the cultural context of the two nations can be analyzed thoroughly. Both South Africa and the United States rate just below the middle of Hofstede’s power-distance index which means that people in both countries tend to recognize their position in the hierarchy of a business while still realizing a need for skipping levels on the ladder to communicate a message. Also, not surprisingly, both countries rated between 62 and 63 out of 100 on Hofstede’s masculinity spectrum. This score insinuates that both nations value competition and success more than quality of life and concern for others. Since the two nations are market economies with similar style governments, it comes as no surprise that their degree of masculinity would be similar. To continue, since market economies require a degree of attempting the unattempted to get ahead, South Africa and the U.S. both rated lower on the uncertainty-avoidance scale, meaning that they both are less reluctant trying different approaches to business. Another scale which both countries…

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