Essay on The Crucible By Mary Warren

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the Proctors may not take the most truthful or righteous path to success.
18. Mary Warren is initially described as an “subservient, naïve, lonely girl.” She quickly shows herself to be very timid. Because of her kind, innocent personality, another girl (Abigail, whose apparent Mary-like innocence is entirely a fraudulent facade) takes advantage of her easily.
20. Abigail believes that Proctor and her are to be lovers, and Proctor firmly has stated that he does not see that happening. She says that he and her had a mutual attraction, and he vaguely agrees to this, but seeing as he is married, he will not go any step further along that path. It is unclear exactly whether he does have feelings for her at the moment or if, as he says, he does not.
21. Betty is said to not be able to hear the Lord’s name and was witnessed attempting to “fly” from the window.
23. For one, the Nurses own 300 acres. For another, Putnam strongly disapproves of the way the Nurses gained reputation and respect in the community. Finally,


1. There is a lot of tenseness in the relationship due to John’s infidelity.
2. The scene here is very awkward because neither character knows exactly what to say; it sets up a very tense and uncomfortable relationship between them.
3. She doesn’t particularly seem to enjoy the affection; she is very distant.
4. He wants to fix all of the witchcraft business in Salem. He also may still have feelings for Abigail.
5. Mary Warren. She compares Mary to a mouse…

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