The Critical Age Hypothesis For The Development Of Language And Passing That Is Playing With Fire

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“Critical Age Hypothesis, which [holds] that a crucial window of opportunity [exists] for the development of language” (Feral Children by Leonard L. Lapointe, Vol 13, page 3)
The idea that there is a section of time designated for the development of language and passing that is playing with fire, because beyond that point there would be little to no development (as shown by Genie, who made some development and then stopped altogether). So, why play with fire? We need to start literacy training from an early age, to get all crucial fundamental development in, before we reach this discussed limit.
“Although my first grade students were obviously intelligent and capable, many of them struggled to learn to read. When I spoke with my teaching colleagues about the difficulties faced by our students the answers were revealing” DEFINITELY PARAPHRASE THIS IN ESSAY. She then quotes the teachers “It’s the parents they just don’t care about reading”, “Tamika’s mother can’t read, either”, “I don’t think that kid has ever seen a book” (Listening to Families over Time: Seven Lessons Learned about Literacy in Families by Catherine Lilly Compton. Vol 86, page 449)
This is evidence of how parents are missing the mark in teaching/ training their kids in literacy. Therefore, it supports my body section 1. How children are being sent to first grade without the fundamental literacy skills they require, but more specifically, for my essay, how children are being sent to school…

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