The Criteria For Our Project Involved Each Member Interviewing The Parent ( S )

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The criteria for our project involved each member interviewing the parent(s) of three different families that had both male and female children under the age of ten to determine what types of toys the children have; and we also had to visit toy stores to determine if a link exists between toys involving physicality, gross motor skills or fine motor skills and if this toy is marketed for girls, boys, or is gender neutral. The parent interviews yielded interesting results for this age range. Of the twelve families interviewed, there were fourteen boys and thirteen girls. The two most popular activities in which boys engage in are riding bicycles and other forms of physical play, such as jumping rope and jumping on a trampoline. These activities encourage a great amount of physical energy and use gross motor skills. An equal number of boys, eight of the fourteen, engage in bicycle riding and other physical forms of activity. The second most common activity for boys is playing with toy vehicles with exactly 50% playing with any type vehicle ranging from Hotwheels® and trains to remote-control cars. Playing with toy vehicles incorporates fine motor skills. These findings prove that boys are more prone to engage in physical activity than in activities that encourage fine motor skills. However, in looking at this from a different angle, it was found that of the total number of toys disclosed in the parent interview, 54% are fine motor skill (legos, coloring books), 42%…

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