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All types of play are crucial to a child’s development It is through play that children experience their world. Play is essential to development because it contributes to the cognitive, physical, social, and emotional well-being of children and youth (Goldstein, 2012). Play has emotional-behavioral benefits such as reducing anxiety and irritability, creating self-esteem, and improving emotional flexibility. It also has social benefits such as increasing empathy and compassion, creating options and choices, and increasing attachment.
Toys are the instruments of play and the tools to help children discover their world. Toys help with motor skills and emotional, social, and cognitive development. When children play with toys they are
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While searching for toys, I noticed that many toys were separated by what they consider to be boy toys and girl toys. The boy isle was mostly action figures, cars and trucks, and Legos. The girl isle was dolls, play make up, and Legos. I noticed there were Legos for both boys and girls, dark blues and yellows for boys, and pastel colors for girls. There was a “learning section” that did not distinguish if toys were for girls or boys, this is where I found my toys. Because my toys came from the “learning section” there was no gender stereotyping. The packaging had very neutral colors and nothing indicated that the toy was specifically for a boy or a girl. This is how all toys should be arranged, by theme and not by gender. I don't think that toys are made for a specific gender but rather it is the way the toy is marketed that assigns a gender to it.
One of the toys that I examined was the Monster Bowling Game by Melissa and Doug. This toy would be great for social development. Play helps children to regulate their emotions and practice verbal and nonverbal communication. By playing with peers, children can respond to their peers' feelings, point of view, and conflicts. The Monster Bowling can teach children patience because there is no instant gratification, self-confidence when they knock the pins down, turn taking, sportsmanship, cooperation, and teamwork. It is also helpful with their fine motor
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Play-Doh is great for helping children be creative, develop fine motor skills such as pushing and squeezing, and it can be calming for children as an outlet for stress and tension. According to Erikson, childhood is a time of taking initiative and children want to think of an activity and carry it out without the interference of other people. With Play-Doh the possibilities are endless. Children can create all sorts of things from monsters to cupcakes. It allows them to use their imagination. At the same time, it is also helping with their social skills. For children in Stage 3 of Erikson's Psychosocial Stages, Initiative vs. Guilt, play is crucial because it allows children to explore their interpersonal skills by initiating activities. Having children play with Play-Doh in small groups of children or adults, allow for them to play collaboratively, have discussions, problem solve, and plan with others. If children are given the opportunity to be creative and use their imaginations, they will develop a sense of initiative and feel secure in their ability to make decisions and lead others. If children are not allowed to feel secure about their abilities or face criticism, they may become follows and lack self-initiative. At this stage children ask a lot of questions as their thirst for knowledge grows but if a parent treats the child’s questions as a nuisance or embarrassing then the child will develop feelings of guilt. Too

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