The Crisis Of Greece And The United States Essay

858 Words Dec 17th, 2016 4 Pages
With Great Britain’s exit from the EU, the union is inching closer to instability and risk of other countries following suit. Should another country exit, Greece would be the likely party as it has long struggled economically within the union, finding itself in a perpetual state of recession. It’s current debt percentage to GDP is in excess of 170% and is rising as it struggles to gain debt relief from the Eurozone. Multiple bailout measures failed to stimulate its economy as its price-level is too high to be competitive, and the single currency has made it difficult to control its own economy as it relinquished authority over its monetary policies. Greece also faces the issue of migrants from war-torn countries entering in huge numbers. The islands of Greece are popular for migrants from Syria because of their proximity to Turkey, making for a far easier journey. It also serves as a stopover for those whose final destinations are other European nations such as Germany or Sweden. With these implications, it poses an immediate risk for Syrian refugees and their medical relief who fled to Greece.
The EU maintains an agreement known as the Schengen Agreement which allows for free mobility between nations without a passport and minimal, if any, border security patrols/checkpoints. This makes it incredibly easy for migrants to enter through European countries and freely move to reach whichever country they desire. If Greece were to exit the EU, it would no longer be a part of…

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