The Crisis And Famine Of Asia Essay examples

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In Asia, many countries are isolated from the rest of the world. All Asian countries are mountainous and are bordered by large bodies of water. These geographic barriers make Asian countries isolated. Also, especially in Southeast Asia, natural disasters are more probable because these nations are located on the “Ring of Fire” which is a high risk natural disaster zone. For example, Japan has recently faced a Triple Disaster which left the country in shambles. Furthermore, in many Asian countries overpopulation in the urban areas is a huge issue because there are many job outlooks and a lack of opportunities in rural territories. This problem is causing destruction of nature such as jungles and forests because of the demand of wood and other natural resources. Plus, all Asian countries are dependent on monsoons which remains the main source of water however simultaneously monsoons might result in flooding. The fluctuation of monsoons leaves Asian countries powerless to agricultural crisis and famine. Lasty, the Korean peninsula is currently divided at the 38th parallel causing an uneven distribution of raw materials; North Korean land contains many minerals and natural resources.

Throughout Asia all countries have a shared culture. Confucianism which originated from China is practiced everywhere in Asia. Confucius teaches filial piety, to respect elders; this is obeyed all around Asia and is a very common theme in everyday life. Plus, religious…

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