Essay on The Criminal Justice System

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The Criminal Justice System is made of three main components; police, corrections, and the courts, which play a role in maintaining a proper and functional system. These three core functions have their own limitations and use of discretion. At times discrimination occurs within each individual function. Policing is law enforcement, which is the backbone and gatekeepers to The Criminal Justice System. This is where discretion is used the most. Indeed, discrimination can start with policing, and that is what stands out to the eye of the public. To apprehend the community, we must be aware of how minorities, policing, and society interact. It is important to realize what the community thinks and feels to be able to make society a preferable place to be.
Community Policing Law Enforcement is guided through different programs to enhance community relationships and a greater environment. In “Exploring the Limits of Collaboration” by Bannister, Carter, Fritsch, and Liederbach 2007; stated that during the 1980’s Kelling characterized the emergence of Community-Orientated Policing as a “quiet revolution”. Community Orientated Policing (COP) is the philosophy that redefines the overall mission of policing as its operational methods and administrative form. The main goal of (COP) is to improve police community relationships by increasing citizen satisfaction with police, perceptions of disorder, and police legitimacy. With community partnerships, community skills get improved,…

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