Essay The Criminal Justice System 's Primary Aspiration

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The criminal justice system 's primary aspiration is to maintain social order and justice for all by sentencing individuals who are suspected or guilty of committing illicit offenses. By punishing those who are guilty, further crimes are meant to be prevented while still protecting those who are innocent. However, the contemporary criminal justice system is flawed to the point that the rights of citizens are deprived. From the prevalence of racial discrimination and unlawfulness within prisons and courts to cases of police misconduct, corruption runs rampant within the criminal justice system.
To begin with, different forms of misconduct occur amongst the police force. Police officers often exert excessive force that violates the rights of individuals. For instance, police officers conduct strip searches and body-cavity searches whether or not the person is suspected of carrying a weapon or contraband. To illustrate, a female motorist was pulled over for allegedly failing to come to a complete stop at a stop sign. She was then strip searched in public while her children witnessed the occurrence through the car window and several male officers looked on; "no drugs or other contrabands were found"(Kleinig 88). The supreme court, regardless of the infringement of the woman 's right to privacy, deemed such a misdemeanor as permissible with the verdict of interests of security outweighing those of privacy. Although sometimes justified for security or evidentiary reasons, the…

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