Police Deadly Force

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The use of deadly force among police officers and their suspects within the U.S. has become a serious topic among American citizens. The use of violence, especially toward the African-American and Hispanic communities, has increased at an alarming rate, causing citizens to feel threatened and lead them to believe that the police are unreliable. The men and women that serve as police officers have the right to protect themselves if threatened, however, in recent events, they have abused the powers of their authority to harm numerous American civilians. In recent situations, officers have severely injured or murdered men and women, including Rodney King, Eric Garner, and Tamir Rice, all of whom were unarmed and not threatening to the officer they encountered. It is understood that it is necessary that officers use deadly force if they feel threatened, however the ‘feeling’ is becoming too normal. The use of deadly force needs to be confined to only specific situations where the officer knows that is the only possible way end a dangerous encounter, not just because they believe it would be easier or safe. …show more content…
If a gun wielding man is not cooperating and is shooting at the people around him, the only way to end the terror is by the use of deadly force. However, the extent of brutal force on civilians by police officers is unwarranted. In numerous situations where the subdued civilian presents no danger, police officers have abused their power to attack or even kill the suspect. Most victims to police brutality are people of color and minorities who face the unjust discrimination on a daily basis. This discrimination and excessive brutality within the police force has been exposed through the use of technology and social media. American citizens have taken the initiative to speak up against police

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