The Criminal Justice System Consists Of 3 Main Components Essay

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Question 1:
The criminal justice system consists of 3 main components, which are: the police, the courts, and the prison systems. The following is an explanation of how each works and contributes to the United States criminal justice system.

The Police
Looking at the police on the state level, this can include a wide variety of state level policing forces such as a highway patrol or even fish and game. The police responsibilities in the United States criminal justice system holds a plethora of duties, and interestingly enough many do not relate directly to controlling and/or preventing crimes. A police officer’s role can include routine patrol within communities and identifying and preventing potential crimes before they happen. Police officers can also be required to testify at hearings and/or trials (Shelden et al, 2008).
The Courts
The federal and state court systems are the two major ones in the United States. The 2 main types of courts that people attend are referred to as a trial court and an appellate court. Trial courts are used to determine whether the accused is innocent or guilty; the objective of an appellate court is to review trials to make sure the law was upheld (Shelden et al, 2008).
A great deal of civil and criminal cases in the nation are held through each state’s individual court system. Most criminal cases will be taken care of under courts of limited jurisdiction. These are often known as municipal, county courts, or a justice of the peace (Shelden…

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