The Crime Scene Investigator Of The Nineteenth Century Essay

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I know for a fact that I want to have a career that allows me to give back and help others around me. As a crime scene investigator, your crime reports and evidence are necessary to achieve a successful conviction. I have always been intrigued by the details and evidence of a crime scene. The technology that is used as a crime scene investigator to figure out the scene is fascinating. This line of work seems thrilling and challenging to me.
The upbringing of criminal investigation dates back to the eighteenth century. Due to all of the government changes that were being made, crime in England was at an all-time high. Throughout the years, a selected group of men was chosen to become specialized detectives. The detectives seemed to have a positive effect on the society because a decrease in crime rates was taking place. America soon began to establish its own police agencies to create the same effect as in England.
As the forensic and criminal justice field progressed, the types of crime scenes were discovered. First, there is the outdoor crime scene. Due to being outdoors, this crime scene is the most vulnerable to loss, contamination, and drastic changes to physical evidence in a short period of time. Evidence is a treasure to come across in this type of scene. Things like footprints leading away from the scene, and cigarette butts are commonly found at the location of the scene. The indoor type of crime scene is much easier to work with. Evidence is less susceptible to…

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