Essay about The Credibility Of Eric Schlosser 's Ethos

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The Credibility of Eric Schlosser’s Ethos Ethos is the credibility or ethical appeal that involves persuasion by the character of the author. Authors use ethos to become trustworthy in the eyes of his or her readers. In the afterword, Schlosser provides supplementary information after the initial publication of the book. In nonfiction expose, Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All-American Meal, Eric Schlosser explores the dark side of the fast food industry. The additional information in the afterword is relevant to the author’s argument because it exhibits several health problems faced by consumers through the fast food industry. In addition, the contents of the afterword help bolster Schlosser’s ethos by defending his novel in an unbiased manner by including negative reviews and criticism on other fast food companies as well.
To continue, the additional information provided in the afterword is relevant to Schlosser’s argument because it further demonstrates health problems faced by consumers through the fast food industry. Schlosser states, “…this afterword provides a brief account of the risk that BSE may pose, the federal efforts to reduce those risks, and the remarkable power that the major fast food chains wield over the meatpacking industry” (Schlosser 272). Although the E. coli outbreak was over a decade ago, fast food consumers are still facing food borne diseases, such as mad cow disease (BSE). BSE is a result of feeding dead ruminants to cows, cows that…

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