The Creature Villain Or Victim? Essay

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The Creature-Villain or Victim?
I feel like a villain is just a victim whose story has unfortunately not been told. This is clearly shown in Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein”. When the story states, “These thoughts exhilarated me and led me to apply with fresh ardour to the acquiring the art of language. My organs were indeed harsh, but supple; and although my voice was very unlike the soft music of their tones, yet I pronounced such words as I understood with tolerable ease. It was as the ass and the lap-dog; yet surely the gentle ass whose intentions were affectionate, although his manners were rude, deserved better treatment than blows and execration.” (Shelley, Page 134). The monster feels that people should judge him on his emotions inside instead of his appearance on the outside. Frankenstein’s creature is truly just a victim of circumstance. No individual is born evil, if an individual gets treated like a mutant or monster they will eventually turn into one.
Even if you are a good person at heart, your appearance means everything for how people treat you today. In addition, the way people treat you influences your character or personality a lot. There is shown in Frankenstein’s monster when he has an idea to make a young friend. He felt like a young clean soul that has not been tarnished with would be a perfect individual to befriend. This is shown when the story states, “Urged by this impulse, I seized on the boy as he passed and drew him towards me. As soon as he…

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