The Courage Of Love In The Movie Only You

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The movie only you tells a story about a girl that has been in love with a guy that she never met. Until one day that she decided to go look for him in Italy. The movie it is not only a common love story, but also teaches a lesson about choices in life.
The main character Faith Corvatch ( Marisa Tomei) was only a kid when a fortune teller told her the name of her true love Damon Bradley . Since then she has not stopped thinking and looking for him, but as the time went by she got tired of searching and soon met a doctor who she engaged a few years later. A week before her wedding she received a call from the guy that was suppose to be her true love (Damon) so she decided to go look for him again, with her friend Kate (Bonnie Hunt) . They
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In the movie Faith believed in destiny so she had the courage to fight for her soul mate. She decided to follow love instead of her consciousness, that was so inspiring for everybody that watched the movie because sometimes people don’t have the courage to do something for love and with the movie people started to see how some decisions were important in life . Sometimes this decision would chance everything in their personal life.
Furthermore another lesson that the movie taught was that sometimes the best option is obvious just like when Faith met Peter, who instantly fell in love for her and tried to do everything to be with her so she would fall in love with him too. Faith 's soul mate was right in front of her but she took time to realize that. Sometimes people don’t see that the love of their lives are right in front of themselves , the movie helped them realize how important some opportunities are where they might be the best thing that ever happened and it may not appear more than once in their

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