The Secret Hum Of Daisy Analysis

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You may not know what your destiny is, or where your home will be. Home is where you have your family, friends, and the people you love. Grace is going to find out where her home is and where she belongs. This story is a mysterious and adventurous. The Secret Hum of a Daisy by Tracy Holczer This story takes place in modern day time in California. The author has a serious mood in the exposition. Grace’s mother has just died. Grace and her grandmother, that she doesn’t know, are at the graveyard. Grace is a twelve year old girl who has just lost her mother. She is forced to go live with her grandmother, who she hasn’t seen in her life. She has to move to a completely …show more content…
Her mother died in the river at their old house. So instead of living in the house, Grace is living in her grandfather’s old shop. She also misses Lacey who lives in her old town. Grace is willing to act so bad that her grandmother will send her back to live with Lacey and her mother. Grace feels like this isn’t the place she belongs. Grace even ran away one day so she could go back home and she her friends. Grace starts to become friends with Jo, her grandmother’s neighbor out in the country. She also starts to learn about the town. She is learning that her grandmother and her mother did so much for it. She starts to like her new town. Grace and Jo begin to be really good friends. One of Jo’s horses had a baby, and Grace got to have it. She moved inside the house in her mother’s old room. She even knew everyone in town. She learned why her mother left and why they had never moved back to where her mother’s family lived. At the end of the book, Grace is happy with her life. She has a great home, great friends, and a grandmother who loves her. Even though she misses her mother, she feels like she is finally home. In this book it shows that you can still have a good life, even though something bad has happened to you. You can still find where you

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