Essay on The Cost Of Real Estate Transactions

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All of these costs should be considered when planning your budget and you should expect more than what the lenders estimate in order to better budget your money. Remember that it is your responsibility to contact the respected party that is in charge of billing you for their services. Take the initiative to reach out to the party and ask why the cost is so high.
Buyers & Dual agents Knowing how to work with an agent is very important when purchasing a home.. Unless family or friends are professional home buying agents they should not interfere with the purchase of your home. Real estate transactions are extremely complicated and one little mistake can cost you thousands.
As the A Survival Guide for Buying a Home states, “An experienced agent in tune with the market can save you thousands of dollars. Agents look at days in the market and the ratio of list price to sales price of similar homes, and they gauge the seller’s motivation to come up with a suggested offer.” (Davis 77) Now that we understand the importance of having an agent, how do we decide which agent to pick? If possible, you want to find an agent whom you can get along with from a smaller company, who knows the area you are interested in and lastly who has experience. Make sure your agent has your best interest at heart “ look for one who will listen to what you want to see and takes the time upfront to understand your needs rather than trying to sell what he or she wants you to buy.” (Davis 78) An easy way…

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