Foreeclosure Persuasive Essay

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For some people, the foreclosures hit them with a force of a bulldozer rolling them out of their comfortable zones and forcing them back into the land of the rental. But for others, like myself, the foreclosure market was an amazing moment when the stars aligned and every house price dropped to prices that some of us could easily finally afford. Not only were we able to afford a house for the first time possibly in history, we were able to have our pick of the litter as it were. It was a buyers’ market, and people like me, we were all about buying a house that no one will be able to take away from us. Or so we thought.
When you go to get a new house and you have cash to lay down, it’s very different than having to go through a bank first. Some people drove around and noticed the for sale signs that were placed in front of houses. People like me turned to online to find a house and information quickly, efficiently and easily. Because saving time and money is the name of my game. There’s a website called which is what I went through, it gives you a realtor option, it gives you options for house prices, it gives you options for
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You still have to negotiate with someone on the amount that you’re willing to pay for the house. You want to start the bidding off as low as you think you might be able to get it for, even if it’s super low. The bank or owner will come back with a counter offer and tell you either yes or no way. Then you take that counter offer and go between your offer and their counter offer, don’t just tell them yes. Most people are just trying to see how far they can get you to raise your number before they cave with a yes. Once you can all agree on a selling price, you have paperwork to fill out. Unless your house has a lien on it, like mine did, and then you have to go through the extra time of waiting for them to remove the

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