Bullard House Case Analysis

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“The Bullard House” case today was about the familiar negotiation that we might have experienced or would have a high possibility to do in real life: real estate negotiation. In this kind of transaction, quite frequently, there are the participation of agents who work for their clients’ interests. Sometimes because of their commission from the transaction, sometimes in order to fulfill their clients’ real purposes, they try to make the deal at any cost. From “The Bullard House” case, we could reveal what might happen in such cases, how each side might behave, what should be the proper outcomes and why.
In “The Bullard House” case, we negotiated individually, not in a team as usual. As such, I played the role of Downtown Realty Inc.’s representatives.
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Downtown Realty Inc.’s shareholders really treasured Bullard Houses because that was the place they all had been reared and it had got a very proud historical reputation. They strongly objected any destruction to the building, certainly. In addition, they disfavored commercial use or tourism attraction purpose because they might lead to further rezoning of the building. As a result, residential use is the most desirable purpose for them and I consider these interests as the most important points to discuss in the negotiation before considering any other issues such as sale price and type of …show more content…
The first one was the existence of ethical boundaries in negotiation, especially in business context. In normal conditions, people often behave nicely and rationally. However, under hard circumstances, the bad part of human beings could be easily revealed. They may pursue profitability and reputation at any cost. Due to their greed, lust, fear and so on, people would be consciously and subconsciously overstep the ethical boundaries. Consequently, they might tell lies, hide important information, cheat the others or even commit a crime.
The second takeaways is the necessity of preparation so as to avoid being cheated. I should make a list of questions to ask the counterparty as well as some scenarios for their responses and my moves in each case. This careful preparation is believed to help me reveal the underlying problems and the real objectives of the counterparty. Once having this list in hand, the next important thing I should do is to be determined and patient till the end. No unethical actions could be bypassed or compromised under any

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