The Cost Of Health Care Essay

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What are people think about health care in these days? Imagine what will happen if there is no health care? Health care is really important to us. All of us need health care, and also we need to take care of ourselves to stay healthy. Why do you think the government increased the cost of health care? The reason they increased the cost of health care is because most people in this world do not care about their own health. The governments want their people stay healthy and have a long life. What will happen to developed and developing countries about this issue? The high cost of the health care has caused many problems, especially for people in developing countries. To begin, I think the governments are worried about mortality rates in their country. They have fought to decrease high mortality rates. It was become more difficult for the governments because they could not handle these situations anymore. Many people also thought that the governments already failed because mortality rates have increased more than last year. According to the article “The Health Care Divide”, people in developing countries who have less money to pay for health care prefer not to see the doctor while they are sick. On the other hand, people in developed countries spend between $3,000 and $4,000 per month for their health care (Pakenham, McEntire and Williams).What did the governments do all this time? Just sit down and watch their people die because they could not pay for health care? The…

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