What Is Obamacare Persuasive Essay

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Health care is something that we all need in some point in life but the cost of it is so expensive that would a person be able to afford the cost of health care. Since Obamacare as come into effect I feel that there are good things about it and not so good things. Since I have taken upon myself to acquire health care through Obamacare it has cost me a lot of money without any assistance and sometimes I feel is it important to have healthcare or pay a utility bill or go grocery shopping, but then what is something happens and I need the Health care to hopefully become healthy again and I feel we all think that in some point. The Health care issue has become a leading topic in the past and present and I really don’t know how I feel about
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As many republicans want to repeal and get rid of Obamacare, which is come case I wish they would, but I am so happy that it helps out a lot of people in need. I do think it would be a bad idea to get rid of it, but I am sure there are other ways in making it more affordable. Bernie sanders who is running for president, wants to make it a universal health care, which none of us pays our premiums, but our taxes will go up. I still wonder how this is going to work, which I don’t like the fact that I have to pay more in taxes. I am already paying enough and I am sure most of us are already paying a fair share in taxes and this is what upsets me more as a middle class I pay enough in taxes for the poor to get everything free or reduce cost. For example I have a friend that makes more money in cash then what she has on paper. She makes more than me and she only pays about 20% of her income in taxes. I feel that if this universal health care comes into place, she would benefit from not paying so much in taxes, as I would pay more for making less. I just don’t see how its going to work. Hopefully our next president can work with insurance companies in bringing down the cost of health care and make it more affordable for the middle class instead of the poor

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